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AI Artificial Intelligence (Shout Future) – About Us

I am K T Kothandam, Engineer by Education and Blogger by profession. I have a very strong interest and passion for Statistics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I am here to share my knowledge with you.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Defining AI is not just difficult but also impossible because we don’t really understand what human intelligence is. According to john McCarthy who is father of AI says “it is the Science and Engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

But whatever AI is, we have made a very good progress in the past few years. This is the transition period of Artificial Technology. It is moving from researching period to early stage of enterprise adoption. 

At this stage knowing about Artificial Technology is more important to your career and for your knowledge. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is the future. Artificial Intelligence graduate programs will help you to get Academic graduation. I am here to provide the knowledge and current news updates of AI.

Facts about This Blog:

  • This blog is here to excite you.
  • Learn Artificial Intelligence and Data Science basics. 
  • This topic contains lot of sub topics like Machine Learning, Statistics and R and Python programming etc. I Share all the details as per my knowledge.
  • Get information about latest technology of AI and Data Science etc. 
  • Google is one of the largest companies researching about AI. Get all the details of Google AI.
  • And finally you can know about the news of future gadgets and present cool gadgets.

Your Feedback means a lot. Send your opinions using my follow us profile.


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